Herd Quarantine: The Disastrous RX Of The Doctors Who Broke The Nation, Part 1

Lockdown Nation has devastated the American economy, the livelihoods of tens of millions of workers, the sweat, blood and financial survival of millions of small business people, and the very fiscal, monetary and political viability of the country.

And it’s made a mockery of personal liberty and the rule of constitutional law, to boot.

Yet it was all utterly unnecessary. The universal quarantine regime launched by the Trump White House on March 13 was the most horrid and senseless public policy error in all of American history.

Defying hundreds of years of enlightened public policy in the face of viral pandemics, the idea of it originated just 14 years ago in the research project of a 14-year old high school girl in Roswell, New Mexico.

At the time, said school work was latched onto by a dull-witted camarilla of government doctors in the VA and the new Washington petri dish of malign government interventions called the Department of Homeland Security.



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