Stockman’s Corner

Busting The Fed: The Donald’s Only Keep Out Of Jail Free Card

The stridency and blatancy of the Donald’s attacks on the Fed are without precedent, but you haven’t seen nothing yet. When the third great bubble of this century cracks, and the Dow, GDP and jobs plunge southward, the Donald will wage war against the Fed with such ferocity as to make FDR’s infamous 1937 packing attack on the …

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Current Reasons To Buy The Dip: None!

The chart-monkeys were buying the dips again today because that’s what they do. What they also do is resolutely ignore real world economic information that warns of recessionary troubles ahead, and there has been plenty of that in recent days.

Fake Bids, Fake Bonds, Fake Boom

Gary Kaltbaum hit the nail on the head this AM. We are now talking about incendiary greed. The blow off stage of a blind mania in the bond markets.

We’re All Currency Manipulators Now

Call it the monetary theatre of the absurd. After all, here is what a determined currency manipulator did between September 2002 and July 2008.

Peak Trump: You Better Believe It!

Wall Street’s buy-the-dippers are soiling their diapers even as they are praying desperately for another round of dovish Fed braying.