Stockman’s Corner

Up In Syrian Smoke: Why The Washington War Party Is Hyperventilating, Part 2

We repeat: When you have to bomb a cement plant that was storing weapons for one “ally” (the Pentagon-supported Kurdish YPG/SDF) so that another “ally” (the CIA-funded Arab FSA) doesn’t seize them, and this happens in the context of a sovereign nation that Washington had illegally attacked and occupied for no reason of homeland security whatsoever…why then the jig is up!

Up In Smoke: The Neocon Assault On Syria Is Finally Over. Part 1

By a vote of 354-60 yesterday the U.S. House of Representative proved that Imperial Washington is addicted to war, and that the level of ignorance, bellicosity and mendacity among the people’s representative has reach appalling heights.

Elizabeth Warren And The 12 Knuckleheads At The FOMC

Pocahontas and the Dem papooses still in the race talked up the wealth tax last night, but we are not sweating for the nation’s 605 billionaires. Half of them apparently wish to do it to themselves, anyway.

Financial Lunacy Of The Week: Greece Joins The Subzero Club

You’d think that the stock market’s 650 point rise during the last three days on the back of Friday’s announcement that a “skinny” phase I trade deal—which has not yet been written—will be completed in three weeks time might qualify as the financial absurdity of the week.