Stockman’s Corner

Jobs Friday Goes Ooops! (Part 1)

The financial press is gumming gravely today about the 266,000 jobs print for April, noting that it is the worst “miss” since 1998, given that more than 1.0 million new jobs were expected.

“Transitory” My Eye

Here’s a good one. Sleepy Joe said something sensible on fiscal matters yesterday, thereby causing the left-progressives swarming around the White House to get their panties in a real bunch.

Re The Lefty Twit Named Mark Zuckerberg

We have no use for Donald Trump, but even less for the arrogant lefty twit, Mark Zuckerberg, who joined a conspiracy of Silicon Valley Robber Barons on January 6th to ban a then sitting president of the United States from their social media platforms.

Thanks, Fed! Some Ruminations On Melinda’s Big Payday

The reigning “narrative” on Wall Street is truly blind, deaf and dumb. That was made clear on bubble vision this AM by a spokesman for Pimco. She advised her credulous host not to worry about Sleepy Joe’s sweeping tax increases because, well, they will be accompanied by an equal amount of spending stimulus!

Once Upon A Stimmy—$8.1 Trillion Worth

The hits just don’t stop coming. The Commerce Department today revealed that government transfer payments in March reached a staggering total of $8.1 trillion at an annualized rate, which figure compares to the $3.2 trillion pre-Covid benchmark level which prevailed in February 2020.

Something For Nothing Economics, Part 1

At the end of the day, economic output is a function of input, and there is nothing more basic on that score than labor hours.