Stockman’s Corner


WTF! Washington has well and truly lost what little collective mind it had left. Its panic driven assault on financial sanity apparently has no limits whatsoever, which means there will be hell to pay when trillions upon trillions of mindless monetary and fiscal “stimulus” comes flooding into an already debt and speculation enfeebled economy now …

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Washington’s Week Of Infamy

Ground Zero for the real Covid-19 hysteria in this country this week was Washington DC. In a mere blink of the historical eye, every known rule of financial discipline, prudence and rationality was set aside by both the fiscal and monetary authorities.

The Crony Capitalist Thieves Are Back

The nerve of it is a wonder to behold. The US airline industry has spent a decade shoving itself into harm’s way by strip-mining their balance sheets to fund share buybacks and goose top executive stock options.