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With Due Respect: A Commentary On Walter Block’s Damn Nonsense

Professor Walter Block may be the dean of libertarian thinkers and his yeoman work for the cause over the decades can’t be gainsaid. But when it comes to grasping the fraught political forces at large at the present historical juncture and the real significance of the 2020 election, the good professor is wearing some pretty …

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We’ll Take The Unders

With each passing day the untold damage to both capitalist prosperity and democratic governance that has been inflicted by the nation’s rogue central bank becomes all the more obvious. And that starts with the fact that the stock market at 3510 on the S&P 500 is purely an excrescence of the Fed’s massive liquidity injections …

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Trump-O-Nomics, R.I. P.

We are grateful that the Donald gave spirited battle against the outrageous and relentless four-year campaign by the Deep State, Dems and their MSM megaphones to invalidate the last election. And any POTUS who boldly calls out the Fake News is a friend of liberty and free markets, whether he believes in these crucial ideals …

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Not The Last Rodeo

We are starting to get concerned about the personal well-being of some of the ace pundits on the Foxite Right, including Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, too. They are getting so hyperbolic—rabid even—about the dangers of a Biden victory that we fear they may split a spleen or something during the remaining 48 …

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Roaring Back My Eye! (Part 2)

As we indicated in Part 1, what is happening now is the opposite of the supply-side recovery of the 1980s. The present ballyhooed “booming” comeback lies in the massive debts that have been deposited on the backs of future taxpayers so that Lockdown America could have a spending spree during the summer of Covid.

Roaring Back My Eye! (Part 1)

When B-Dud (aka former Fed head Bill Dudley) says something, you can be pretty sure it’s what the vast majority of movers and shakers on both ends of the Acela Corridor also believe. That’s because his financial lineage runs through several decades as Goldman Sachs top economist and then as President of the New York …

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The False Economy Of Washington’s Coast-To-Coast Soup Lines, Part 3

There as never been anything like Uncle Sam’s stunning generosity during the past eight months. The aforementioned government transfer payments at a $3.1 trillion annual rate in February had steadily climbed from the $2.1 trillion level recorded at the end of the Great Recession (June 2009).

The False Economy Of Washington’s Coast-To-Coast Soup Lines, Part 2

It also happens that during the 2012-2020 period when the OER-light PCE deflator was posting at just 1.3% per annum, the OER itself rose by 3.0% per annum. That is to say, nearly one-third of the 70 basis per annum “shortfall” from the 2.00% target is alone due to the absurdly under-weighted cost of home-ownership …

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