Stockman’s Corner

Washington’s Week Of Infamy

Ground Zero for the real Covid-19 hysteria in this country this week was Washington DC. In a mere blink of the historical eye, every known rule of financial discipline, prudence and rationality was set aside by both the fiscal and monetary authorities.

The Crony Capitalist Thieves Are Back

The nerve of it is a wonder to behold. The US airline industry has spent a decade shoving itself into harm’s way by strip-mining their balance sheets to fund share buybacks and goose top executive stock options.

Been There, Puked That

This has happened before, albeit way back at the beginning of time in April 2000 when today’s day traders and robo-machines were still in short pants.

Hey, Congress, Don’t You Dare!

The very future of democracy and capitalist prosperity hangs in the balance, and not simply owing to today’s 2000 Dow point bloodbath and the giant Covid-19 pin that has slammed hard upon the world’s bubble-riven financial system.