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More Vanishing “V”

You could call it the “V” that keeps on vanishing and be done with it. Single family starts of 675,000 reported for May this AM where up from, well, 674,000 units in April.

Even Pavlov’s Dogs Weren’t This Stupid

To understand why today’s 17.7% retail sales gain for May wasn’t all that gangbusters, the starting point—as always—is context. And in that regard, there is nothing like the chart below in the annals of historical personal income data.

Liberty Can’t Breathe, Part 1

The main trouble in America is not overt racism or even simmering racial animosity. The real evil is the relentless aggrandizement of state power, which among its many ills is the rise of the Nanny State—a conflation of too many laws, crimes, cops, arrests and thereby opportunities for frictions between the state and its citizenry …

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Covid Hysteria And The Groomers Of The Virus Patrol

Dr. Fauci and the Scarf Lady are not the only Virus Patrol miscreants spreading the Covid Hysteria and thereby empowering the authorities to keep suffocating everyday economic life and personal liberty in America.

“V” My Eye, Part 2

It doesn’t get any stupider than this. The S&P 500 is up 47% since the March 23 intra-day low, but the stupid part is not just the stock index level; it’s also the Wall Street claim that the stock market’s got it right and is discounting a brilliant future on the other side of the …

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“V” My Eye!

Last month we learned that in the short span between February and April the number of non-farm payroll (NFP) jobs modeled by the BLS plunged from 152.463 million to 131.045 million, representing a staggering 21.4 million or 14% obliteration of paychecks.