The Donald’s Trade Wars And Border Wars—Definitely Not MAGA, Part 3

There is no other way to say it: The Wall Street gamblers are apparently too stupid to get out of the rain, while the Donald’s die-hard supporters utterly fail to see the obvious fact that he’s filling the Swamp, not draining it.

As to the former, they are out again today buying the dip on the apparent theory that Washington will always do their bidding if they threaten a serious hissy fit—-like Monday’s 400 point Dow warning shot.

As it happened, that did cause the Donald’s trade Torquemada (viz. grand inquisitor) to belly up to the CNBC cameras on the White House lawn with risible assurances there is no reason to panic.

Said Peter Navarro, the very architect of the Donald’s unhinged trade war: why, there are no plans at all to restrict foreign investment in the US!

Donald Trump only wants to safeguard American technology and foster “free, fair and reciprocal trade”.

Unless you are a sucker for prime Florida swampland, of course, it could not have been more obvious that Navarro was spinning a pack of unadulterated lies.



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