The Convalescent Plasma Ruckus: When The Nanny State Becomes A Killer

The Donald had no more than finished his Sunday afternoon presser touting the FDA’s issuance of an EUA (emergency use authorization) for convalescent plasma treatment of hospitalized Covid-19 patients than CNN and the rest of the MSM mob was screaming to high heaven.

By their lights, the Donald was again over-ruling his scientists, bullying the saintly public servants at the FDA and NIH (including Dr. Fauci) and attempting to still further “politicize” the corona issue in behalf of his own re-election.

Of course, hogwash does not even began to describe this newest MSM attack, which will undoubtedly fuel a tsunami of leaks from the FDA/NIH/HHS etc, and thereby raging commentary for days on the Fake News venues. But the erupting controversy over convalescent plasma treatments is more than just another Dem/Deep State attack on Trump or even another attempt at bureaucratic sabotage like the EUA that was issued and then quickly withdrawn for HCQ a while back.



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