Something’s Rotten In Denmark—But It’s Not Greenland, Part 1

The Donald struck another blow for world peace, albeit inadvertently, when he became infatuated with the world’s largest iceberg, albeit one that was teeming with green meadows when the Vikings—who definitely were not color-blind—colonized it in the late 9th century.

We don’t exactly blame Denmark’s prime minister for dismissing Trump’s offer to “buy” Greenland as “absurd”, but were more than delighted with the Donald’s riposte:

“I thought that the prime minister’s statement that it was absurd, that it was an absurd idea was nasty….She’s talking to the United States of America. You don’t talk to the United States that way, at least under me.”

Actually, it’s about time someone did just that.

What’s rotten in Denmark is not its prime minister’s rebuke to the Donald’s ludicrous idea of  replicating Seward’s Ice Box in the 21st century, but the fact that Denmark wastes its fiscal and moral resources supporting the obsolete cold war relic known as NATO, and thereby kowtowing to Imperial Washington’s destructive pursuit of global hegemony.

Self-evidently, Denmark knows that the old Soviet Union with its 50,000 tanks lined up on the “central front” slithered off the pages of history 28 years ago. That’s why it doesn’t fear an invasion from the decrepit rump state of Putin’s kleptocracy and therefore spends the miniscule sum of $3.5 billion per year or just 1.2% of its GDP on defense.

Folks, that tells you all you need to know. What NATO really is in the present world is a cover story for Washington’s global adventurism and its misbegotten missions of invasion and occupation.

So what the Donald is actually accomplishing with his unhinged insults to most of its heads of state is a kind of international wake up call. Perhaps next time Washington starts a jolly little war in another irrelevant corner of the planet, no one will come—especially the War Party’s Brussels-based patsy.

Indeed, if you want to understand NATO’s real mission in a world in which there are no industrialized states which militarily threatens the peace and security of Europe, just consider the twisted rebuke the Donald received from the Washington Examiner’s resident 33-year old neocon warmonger snit by the name of Tom Rogan:

Trump’s words are also immoral… Denmark has fought alongside us in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Seven Danes gave their lives in Iraq. In Afghanistan, 43 Danes died, and hundreds more were wounded. There, Denmark chose to operate in the restive Helmand Province, taking the fight to the enemy. We should thank Danes for giving their sons’ and daughters’ lives for our common cause.

Heavens no!

To the contrary, we should urge them to just say no—-not only to the sale of Greenland, but to its national self-abasement in pimping for the Washington War Party.

What we are saying is that in the year 2019, it is evident that Imperial Washington is the greatest threat to peace, stability and prosperity anywhere on the planet; and that the $1.1 trillion per year true cost of the Warfare State is bankrupting the fiscal accounts of the American homeland as well.

So what needs to happen is the dismantlement of NATO, which is the lynchpin to the Empire’s global girth, and the slashing of the defense budget proper to something like $250 billion per year. That’s all that is required for nuclear deterrence and the defense of the shorelines and air space of the homeland in today’s multipolar world.

The gods of history work in strange ways, it is said, and that is especially the case with the Great Disrupter. The Donald is an exceedingly unpleasant bully who has already emitted more baloney, bombast, brimstone, bellicosity and bile than any previous political figure in American history. And none has ever matched his overweening narcissism and pathetic egomania.

Still, he was elected for a deeper purpose. The major—perhaps only—redeeming virtue of the Donald’s ersatz campaign platform was his clear intent to seek a rapprochement with Russia, revamp America’s commitments to NATO and other cold war relics and to discard “Regime Change” as the core tenant of foreign policy.

In essence, “America First” was to become the new route to domestic security and safety.

But after 30 months, it is fair to say that it’s not happening.

Those eminently sensible notions struck the Deep State’s raison d’etre to the quick. So by hook and crook, it has thwarted at every turn the Donald’s halting, inconsistent and often impetuous actions toward his primitive, albeit directionally correct, notion of America First.

Clearly he meant to withdraw America’s 29,000 military hostages now stationed in South Korea in return for some sort of peace treaty, economic normalization and denuclearization arrangement with Kim Jong-un, and has made herculean efforts toward that end via his personal diplomacy with the latter.

But his own incredibly bad choices of Deep State stalwarts like Pompeo and Bolton have frustrated any real forward progress.

Likewise, he has sensibly suggested that demonizing Russia and Putin has accomplished nothing, and that they should be invited back into the G-8. And yet the mere revival of this suggestion a few days ago sent the so-called progressive Democrats into frenzied apoplexy.

Dem Congressman Garamendi, for example, told the CNN War Channel that Putin’s alleged bad behavior should not be rewarded. That’s because he sent little green men into the Donbas, stole Crimea and denied Hillary her divine right to the US presidency.

Needless to say, Bobby “three-sticks” Mueller has killed the Russia Collusion hoax deader than a doornail,

Anyway, in the case of the election meddling meme, there are few more hypocritical instances of the pot-calling-the-kettle-black than all the grave harrumphing in the beltway about $100,000 worth of Facebook ads written by $4 per hour drones in a St. Petersburg troll farm, who were apparently practicing English as a third language.

To wit, the total US intelligence community (IC) budget is upwards of $80 billion—-25% more than Russia’s entire military budget including ships, planes, tanks, ammo, fuel, rations, operations, maintenance and even spare boots—and a big part of that giant IC spend goes to, well, meddling, hacking and sabotage of foreign nations!

Likewise, and as we will see below, the Ukraine narrative is upside down. It was Washington’s Deep State operatives who organized, funded and recognized the coup on the streets of Kiev in February 2014.

Subsequently, the Donbas region in the east revolted not owing to the coercion of little green men, but because the population is 75% Russian speaking and didn’t cotton to the Russophobic, crypto-Nazi regime Washington installed in Kiev under the leadership of ” Yats is our man”.

As for Crimea, Catherine the Great bought it with honest gold money in 1783; it remains 80% Russian speaking and deeply integrated with the Russian economy; and it is core to Russian national security because the great Black Sea fleet has been home-ported in Sevastopol for more than 200 years under Czars, Commissars and Kleptomaniacs alike.

Besides, Crimea’s only historic connection to Ukraine was via the dictate of the Soviet Presidium in 1954.

That’s when the later transferred this thoroughly Russian territory—-for crying out loud, the Russian patriots famously defeated the English invaders there in the Charge of the Light Brigade—to Nikita Khrushchev’s chums in Kiev.




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