GreenMageddon—The Everlasting Folly Of COP26

Part 1

With COP26 in full regalia, it’s not too soon to start clanging the alarm bells. Not about climate catastrophe, of course, but about the stupidest act of the assembled nations since Versailles, when the vindictive WWI victors laid the groundwork for the catastrophes of depression, WWII, the holocaust, Soviet tyranny, the Cold War and Washington’s destructive global hegemony—all of which followed hard one upon the next.

In a word, the world’s politicians and their allies in the mainstream media, think tanks, lobbies and the cowardly sleep-walking leaders of Big Business are fixing to do nothing less than destroy the prosperity of the world and send global life careening into a modern economic gray–if not, dark age. And worse still, it’s being done in the service of a bogus Climate Crisis narrative that is thoroughly anti-science and wholly inconsistent with the actual climate and CO2 history of the planet.



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