Debunking The Latest “MAGA” Delusion: The Donald Definitely Hasn’t “Made America Great Already”, Part 1

The Donald’s unhinged rant during this Great Falls, Montana speech last night may well mark the beginning of his own great fall—-and not because of his mean-spirited riff on the ancestry of the sanctimonious female senator from Massachusetts.

In effect, what he actually did was to declare “mission accomplished” on MAGA. That is, he averred that after just 17 months in office he’s Made America Great Already.

No he hasn’t!

The overwhelming bulk of US households and workers are still on the same old treadmill of too much debt, stagnant real incomes and wages and an economic future hammered by crushing public debts and fiscal crisis.

In fact, the treadmill part is starkly apparent in the chart below showing real median weekly earnings for full-time male workers. That figure has gone nowhere for 29 years and the Donald hasn’t broken that dismal trend one bit.



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