Stockman’s Corner

Slithering Toward Recession

The third revision of Q1 GDP is supposedly ancient history, but still there was some noise in this morning’s numbers that wasn’t all that.

Joe Biden Goes A Beggaring

It looks like the Fed still has a lot of anti-inflation wood to chop. The April Case-Shiller 20-City Average came in at a record +21.2% on a Y/Y basis, thereby topping by a considerable margin peak gains during the Greenspan housing bubble. Yes, they don’t include housing prices in the CPI or PCE deflator anymore, …

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America’s Spasmodic Economy, Part 1

The Biden Administration’s utterly idiotic plan to enact a three-month holiday from the 18.4 cents per gallon Federal gas tax should be a wake-up call with respect to a far broader and more destructive threat. To wit, the US economy has lost its market-based bearings and is now behaving like a spasmodic heap of discord, …

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Brrrr! Crypto Winter In June

Now we know. The only thing worse than the bad fiat money of the central banks is the fake crypto coins that Wall Street speculators threw into their steaming pots of speculation as the Everything Bubble reached its apotheosis.

November Election Update: Now Comes The-Mother-Of-All-Wipeouts

The more officialdom fiddles with the economy, the more stuff goes awry or even kerflooey. The latest instance is the new auto market, where vehicles for sale are still ultra-scarce but even then dealers have the wrong models on their showroom floors.