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Hey, Green New Deal—Thanks For The Massive Subsidies!

Renewables still produce roughly 3 per cent of all the world’s energy but oil coal & natural gas are drying up as investment collapses. Turbines & solar are incapable of filling this energy vacuum. Trillions of dollars have been wasted on these grotesque blots on the landscape

Probably Nothin’!

Contra Corner Probably Nothin’! – David Stockman’s Contra Corner

Slithering Toward Recession

The third revision of Q1 GDP is supposedly ancient history, but still there was some noise in this morning’s numbers that wasn’t all that.

Joe Biden Goes A Beggaring

It looks like the Fed still has a lot of anti-inflation wood to chop. The April Case-Shiller 20-City Average came in at a record +21.2% on a Y/Y basis, thereby topping by a considerable margin peak gains during the Greenspan housing bubble. Yes, they don’t include housing prices in the CPI or PCE deflator anymore, …

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