Why The Donald’s Comeuppance Is Coming — Soon

The Donald was at it again last night in Minneapolis, boasting about an economy that is not in the least MAGA and for which he has done exactly nothing to help in a sustainable way.

In fact, he inherited a god awful mess and since taking office has not faltered on his Great Disrupter mission in the slightest.

Actually, he’s bringing on the next crisis with all deliberate speed, yet remains clueless as to the manner in which his quadruple whammy—soaring Federal deficits, an imminent global trade war, splenetic attacks on immigrants and a complete whiff on fixing the Fed—-is the primary contributing force to the debacle ahead.

Needless to say, we are quite certain that the Donald will soon be reverting back to slamming the phony jobs numbers produced by the BLS—just as he did during the campaign when Obama was boasting about them. But not quite yet:

“Our economy is booming,’ Trump said. “We’ve created more than 3.4 million jobs since the election. If I would’ve said that during the election, those people back there, fake news, they would’ve said: ‘There’s no way. Look, he exaggerates.’

Why, yes he does!

And that’s even by the lights of the BLS’ seasonally-maladjusted, trend-cycle projected, imputation-ridden fake job metrics. The 3.4 million jobs figure quoted above amounts to 188,000 jobs per month for the Donald during the 18 reports since the November 2016 election. By contrast, there were 215,000 jobs per month reported during the last 18 months of Barry’s watch.



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