Weekend Of The Long Knives: The Fed-Enabled Brats Of Silicon Valley, Part 4

To repeat: The Big Tech Five have become a clear and present threat to free expression and democratic governance not because they are monopolies; rather, it’s because they are so vastly over-valued by the Fed-enabled casino on Wall Street that their managers and executives have been unshackled from the job of profit maximization to indulge in political virtue-signalling and moral smuggery.

In this context, we use the word “political virtue-signalling” deliberately. Despite some pretty histrionic huffing and puffing on Fox News about a vast Silicon Valley plot to destroy America as we knew it, the Big Tech Five considered here are not anything like a tech-age Stasi or even Woodrow Wilson’s WWI censorship boards.

Actually, the recent deplatforming of the Donald & friends and the mugging of Parler is so riddled in inconsistency, impulsiveness and amateurism that it fairly pinpoints its essence: Namely, it is the work of way too rich millennials and thirty-something brats who are intoxicated by unearned wealth.



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