Washington’s Week Of Infamy

Ground Zero for the real Covid-19 hysteria in this country this week was Washington DC. In a mere blink of the historical eye, every known rule of financial discipline, prudence and rationality was set aside by both the fiscal and monetary authorities.

On the fiscal side, the impending $1.1 trillion Everything Bailout did not even come from misguided Big Government Dems or their progressive/socialist wing of interventionist old school Keynesians. These budget-busting, rule-eviscerating proposals to bailout the airlines, hotels, casinos, cruise lines, Boeing,  shale drillers, small business and virtually every household in America were guided and witting.

Trump and McConnell knew exactly what they were doing: Namely, hijacking the public purse in behalf of the GOP’s 2020 election committees and their own perpetuation in office.



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