Washington’s Infernal Inflation Machine, Part 1

Future historians will surely wonder how the fiscal incontinence now rampant in the Imperial City originated and metastasized to its current egregious extent. There is literally no fiscal cognizance at all—to say nothing of discipline or responsibility– left in the Imperial City.

And when push-comes-to-shove, the government careerist like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, who rule the roost in the Washington GOP, are as much to blame as the pedigreed Dem spenders.

That’s because with the passage of time, the GOP’s willingness to take on the fight against escalating entitlement spending and the over-flowing pork barrels on both sides of the Potomac—that is, defense and domestic appropriated spending—has literally diminished to the vanishing point. Yet that has not slowed down one bit their appetite for tax cuts unaccompanied by off-setting spending reductions or alternative revenue sources.

Accordingly, fiscal policy has become a farce in which the borrow-and-spend Dems and the borrow-and-tax-cut Republicans have buried future generations in insuperable debts.



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