Up In Syrian Smoke: Why The Washington War Party Is Hyperventilating, Part 2

We repeat: When you have to bomb a cement plant that was storing weapons for one “ally” (the Pentagon-supported Kurdish YPG/SDF) so that another “ally” (the CIA-funded Arab FSA) doesn’t seize them, and this happens in the context of a sovereign nation that Washington had illegally attacked and occupied for no reason of homeland security whatsoever…why then the jig is up!

In one decisive stroke the Donald has sent Washington’s war addicted jackboots and psychopaths into a terminal fit of mindless hyperventilation.

That could not have been more evident than in Joe Biden’s insipid attack on Trump for wisely getting about 700 American troops out of harms’ way on the Syrian/Turkey border. Said the foggy-minded Uncle Joe during the Dem debates on October 15:

….. the withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria was “the most shameful thing any president has done in modern history in terms of foreign policy.”

That’s absolutely ludicrous. But when it comes to shameful actions it can be well and truly said that Joe Biden is an expert practitioner of the cruel, destructive policies that Imperial Washington has been imposing on the middle east for upwards of three decades now.

For example, Biden was an early, enthusiastic and influential supporter of Washington’s 2003 invasion of Iraq. Over one million died in Iraq during that senseless calamity, including 4500 dead and at least 100,000 severely injured US soldiers; and worse still, by destroying the Iraqi state and the tolerable ethnic/religious balance under Saddam Hussein’s Baathist rule by the sword and the spoils of oil, Uncle Joe helped open the gates to hell and the emergence of the scourge of ISIS.

Likewise, while he was Vice President Biden supported Hillary and her harpies in their “betrayal” of Khadafy after he gave up his nukes and support for mid-east terrorists. Libya today, of course, is still in chaos with tens of thousands dead owing to the endless battles between warlords and violent factions which have contested for control of a ruined economy and savaged society.

Yet this Washington lifer has the nerve to attack Trump’s small but welcome step toward disengagement!

As we said, Imperial Washington inhabits a looney bin. And as we indicated in Part 1, the picture below is indeed the “smoking gun”.

It’s the handiwork of a pair of American F-15s which bombed a large ammo storage dump US forces had hastily vacated near Kobani on the Syria/Turkey border.

The purpose, as we explained in Part 1, was to insure that it did not end up in hostile hands. That is to say, the Turkey-backed Syrian National Army, nee the Free Syrian Army (FSA)—otherwise actually the John McCain Memorial Brigade, which was brought, trained, paid-for and stood-up by the CIA.

Moreover, it was these McCain Brigade descendants which sporadically violated the cease-fire and attacked the “innocent” and “betrayed” Kurdish allies over the past week, not the NATO-certified regular Turkish Army units. So all the sanctimonious harrumphing on the MSM is about what?

Why, the rude deeds of the buccaneers, thugs, criminals, mercenaries, jihadist and plain old job-seekers that are wearing the same uniforms mainly because of Washington’s billions of blood money; and who have ended up mercenaries for pay mainly because Washington’s demented policy of Regime Change in Damascus destroyed the Syrian civilian economy and turned it into a poison pit of war-lordism.

Stated differently, without Washington’s endless payroll and weapons supply, the FSA and its heirs and assigns would not now exist—nor would they have ever before. And they would not be attacking and executing soldiers of the Kurdish SDF because the latter wouldn’t exit, either.

To be sure, the War Party and its media megaphones are revising history so fast as to make the other Uncle Joe—Stalin—blush with envy. The New York Times over the weekend gave the McCain Brigades an instant do-over, turning them into the darkest of bad guys:

…..Grandly misnamed the Syrian National Army, this coalition of Turkish-backed militias is in fact largely composed of the dregs of the eight-year-old conflict’s failed rebel movement……Early in the war the military and the C.I.A. sought to train and equip moderate, trustworthy rebels to fight the government and the Islamic State…..A few of those now fighting in the northeast took part in those failed programs, but most were rejected as too extreme or too criminal.

That’s absolute risible baloney. As Moon of Alabama deftly reminded, the leaders of the National Syrian Army are the same as those of the FSA upon which John McCain and his Deep State network lavished billions for the purpose of attacking the legitimate government in Damascus, not just or even mainly ISIS.

Just a few weeks ago, in fact, the current iteration—the Syrian Interim Government—came together bringing 41 different factions under the newly christened “Syrian National Army”. So doing, they elected Abdurrahman Mustafa as president and Salim Idriss as defense minister.

These good folks are pictured below at the launch of Senator McCain’s Free Syrian Army (FSA) back in 2013:

Salim Idriss (center) with U.S. Senator John McCain

For want of doubt, Salim Idriss made the ambitions of the new Syrian Interim Government clear when during the recent announcement press conference, he stated,



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