The Statist Roots Of The Donald’s Border Wars: Part 2, Debunking Anti-Immigrant Demogoguery

It is almost impossible not to cheer when the Donald goes nose-to-nose with Nancy Pelosi and Chuckles Schumer as per today’s Oval Office smackdown. The Washington Leviathan that now crushes Flyover America is the results of  decades of their misbegotten statist policies and is the reason the Donald was elected against all odds in the first place.

Yet there is only one thing more wrong-headed than the Pelosi/Schumer lifetime of fueling Big Government aggrandizement on the banks of the Potomac, and that is the Donald’s utterly misbegotten Border Wars.

As we will demonstrate in Parts 2 and 3, the US desperately needs labor force growth, but the native born population has long-ago defaulted when it comes to the work of baby-making. During the years through 2035, in fact, the native born labor force will shrink by more than 8 million workers at the very time that the massive Baby Boom retirement tsunami is ballooning the entitlement rolls.



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