The Six Nations Of Covid And The Rise Of Health Fascism, Part 3

As we indicated in Part 2, the lockdown policies of the Virus Patrol cannot possibly be for the benefit of the School Kids Nation. Not when the latter consists of 60.885 million young people, of which 99.999926% have survived.

Obviously, the School Kids Nation has been taken hostage by public health authorities hell-bent on “mission impossible”. That is, extirpation of the coronavirus and blockage of its natural routes of transmission by means of sweeping social control and regimentation.

The truth, however, is that which is blatantly clear about the School Kids Nation is also true with respect to the 42.9 million young people (age 15-24) who comprise the Socializing Nation. The Virus Patrol’s social regimentation policies cannot possibly be for their own protection either— since as of August 8, the CDC data show only 240 deaths WITH-Covid among this age cohort.



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