The Six Nations of Covid And The Folly Of Medical Prohibitionism, Part 2

As we said in Part 1, the heart of the Lockdown Nation folly is the presumption that state imposed marshal law can stop the spread of the coronavirus, thereby freezing the contagion in its tracks.

But once that misbegotten predicate gets a head of steam among the inherenlyt power-seeking, self-aggrandizing arms of the state and the politicians and apparatchiks who man them, the drift toward medical totalitarianism becomes lethal. The Virus Patrol literally cannot stop thinking up far-fetched—even absurd—measures to thwart the spread of a virus that cannot be stopped, save for the development of herd immunities among the human population, which happens only when the virus makes its appointed rounds.

We call this prohibitionism in a nod to the folly of the 18th Amendment. But even at the peak of their rampage against the demon rum, the ladies of the temperance unions and the gendarmes they turned loose on the liquor trade were not nearly as fanatical as the Virus Patrols which have sprung up since last February.



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