The Orange Swan Cometh — The Real End Game Of The Donald’s Trade War, Part 4

The algos were raging again this morning because the Trump White House allegedly unmixed its message regarding its latest brainstorm for still another Wall — this time a draconian plan to stop US technology investments by Chinese companies (and other “furiners,” too).

In fact, the only thing that was changed by these latest clarifications is the statutory authority: Rather than activating an obscure 1977 law, the Trump administration now says it intends to utilize the upgraded CFIUS review process, as authorized by a legislative monstrosity now pending final congressional approval called FIRRMA.

That acronymic mouthful stands for Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act — and the prospect of its pending enactment (and Trump embrace) has the beltway lawyers, lobbyists, consultants and other bandits tickled pink.

We explain more of the details below, but the Donald’s morning tweet tells you all you need to know.

His message essentially implies that our increasingly technology-based civilian economy is being turned into a national security battlefield. Always on the look-out for new enemies to defend against, the Empire has apparently found them lurking throughout the warp and woof of the Internet of Everything and has enlisted the Donald in the cause of rooting them out:



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