The Donald’s Real Bleep-Hole Moment—$41 Trillion And Counting, Part 2

As we indicated in Part 1, the Donald and his growing posse of GOP immigrant-bashers are dead-wrong about this kind of Alamo Politics.

The 40-years of GOP dominance from William McKinley through Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, Coolidge and Herbert Hoover, too, was built on the support of immigrants who voted for the full lunch pail economics of the old GOP.

Donald Trump wouldn’t have been nominated for dog-catcher in that Republican party; and he would have found the congressional nativists, immigrant-bashers and Klansman to support his agenda mainly on the back benches of the Democrat side of the aisle.

Unfortunately, the Donald’s Border Wars agenda and related tweet-storms, unhinged stadium rhetoric and stunts like sending 15,000 regular army forces to the Mexican border are just symptoms of the real danger, and the virtual certainty that Trump-O-Nomics will destroy MAGA, not deliver it.



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