The Donald’s Gosplan For Trade—A Mercantilist Abomination By Another Other Name, Part 2

As we indicated in Part 1, the Donald’s $200 billion trade plan was not fashioned by serious people who understand the blooming, buzzing, churning, throbbing matrix which is the $85 trillion global economy, the $20 trillion of two-way trade worldwide, or the $4.6 trillion of China’s two-way trade (exports plus imports) or even America’s $4.3 trillion of the same.

The deal is actually the tom foolery of communist apparatchiks and K-Street lawyers who give no never mind to the prosperity producing power of free markets, nor even to their verdicts as embodied in the results of current global trade patterns. Instead, their purpose was pure politics—cobbling together a jerry-built contraption that will allow Emperor Xi to save face and the Donald to crow from the top of his twitter keyboard about the greatest trade deal in history.

For the moment. On both sides.



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