The Cult Of The Dow And The Folly Of GDP-Calamity Howling, Part 2

When you consider Washington’s lightening rush to enact this $2 trillion Everything Bailout and the real purpose of its coast-to-coast soup lines, there is but one unassailable conclusion.

Namely, that this monstrosity is designed to defibrillate the stock market with a fiscal electro-shock and to deliver enough Fake GDP to virtually fill 100% of the temporary Covid-19 hole in the American economy ASAP, if not before.

That way, of course, the Wall Street speculators and Washington pols alike can pretend that all is fixed and that America’s 30-year fantasy of debt-fueled prosperity on main street and hideously inflated asset bubbles on Wall Street can go on as if nothing at all has changed.

In truth, everything has changed. In short order it will be evident that the fiscal and monetary bazookas that Washington is now firing wantonly on the American economy will debilitate the patient for years to come—if not permanently so, owing to the gargantuan pre-existing fiscal and economic burden of the Baby Boom which is retiring en masse during the 2020s.



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