The Clock Is Ticking

We did insist a few days ago that 95% of Sleepy Joe’s ballyhooed infrastructure bill funds things which are not Washington’s proper responsibility. Little did we suspect, however, that he would set up to immediately prove the point in spades.

We are talking about the below pictured one-horse bridge on NH route 175, where Biden staged his victory lap yesterday. But as is surely evident, this is no national treasure; it’s just a minor 25 mile long country road that parallels US 3 and Interstate 93 through the valley of the Pemigewasset River. The bridge was built in 1939, has tiny amounts of purely local traffic, has been in need of repair for years and is completely typical of the tens of thousands of allegedly “failing” bridges across the nation which are always trotted out to justify the next public infrastructure boondoggle.



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