So Now He Tells Us!

We have said from the beginning that this entire Lockdown Nation catastrophe and Covid-Hysteria is ultimately the Donald’s fault. That’s because at the time of the original US breakout in early March he was too lazy, inattentive and intellectually befogged to challenge the advice he was getting from career Swamp Creatures like Dr. Fauci and the Scarf Lady.

After all, Fauci had been on the government payroll since 1968 and Dr. Birx since the early 1980s. So that’s nearly 90 years on the public teat between them. And not exactly a solid perch from which to understand how capitalism really works and why heavy-handed state intervention must always be the option of last resort and only in the face of overwhelming evidence of an existential threat to society for which there are no reasonable alternatives.

You might wonder, of course, why a politician who bellows loudly and often about Draining the Swamp didn’t recognize that his emergency order of March 13, the destructive CDC guidelines, the hysteria-generating daily Dr. Fauci shows and the original, deceitful 14-day lockdown to flatten-the-curve were the quintessential work of these very swamp creatures.



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