RussiaGate, Covid Death Howlers And The Political Weaponization Of The State

You don’t have to ruminate too long to see an ominous pattern in today’s toxic form of political warfare. Namely, the repeated weaponization of agencies of the state, amplified by the servile stenographers of the mainstream media, for the purpose of winning and maintaining political office, power and pelf in American democracy.

That’s what RussiaGate and the Covid-Hysteria have in common: To wit, they have been manifest in an utterly bogus Dominate Narrative assiduously propagated by the ruling elites in Washington and the press, which has functioned to side-car, suffocate and purge from public awareness the very facts which refute the state-aggrandizing narrative at issue.

Moreover, this systematic suppression of the facts and truth is being accomplished by marshaling the prestige, expertise and credibility (warranted or not) of the principal state agencies of jurisdiction in behalf of the Dominate Narrative. That is, an alleged consensus of 17 intelligence agencies was claimed to validate the RussiaGate Hoax and a camarilla of government doctors and health agency apparatchiks from the CDC, FDA, NIH etc. have supposedly confirmed that the Covid is an existential threat to American society and a deathly threat to one and all Americans.



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