Proof Of Fiscal Doom—The Donald’s Fake Budget For FY 2021 And The Ugly Hand Of The Money Printers, Part 1

For about three decades now the President’s budget of both parties has been pronounced DOA (dead on arrival) no sooner than the ink was dry. And that is commentary enough about why $1 trillion of public debt in 1981 has become $23 trillion by 2020, will hit $43 trillion by 2030 and is virtually on a path to guaranteed fiscal ruin.

After all, responsibly managing the nation’s vast $5 trillion annual fiscal accounts is the single-most important function of the Imperial City, and the President’s centrally reviewed, deliberated, decided and compiled budget is the closest thing available to a rational blueprint for the nation’s public finances—the legislative branch being inherently a cacophonous tower of fiscal babel.



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