Praying For POTUS

You need to be praying for POTUS even if you don’t like him, or believe that the Almighty doesn’t favor him or doesn’t care or is not actually there to care. That’s because if Trump succumbs or becomes seriously debilitated and is driven from office in a landslide, it will be all over except the shouting.

And we are not simply referring to the baleful prospect of a Kamala Harris/Progressive Left Regency, which would bring its own calamities of Green New Deals, wokester tribalism, Medicare-for-all, destructive taxation of capital, fiscal armageddon and MMT by any other name, among other ills. It would also mean the complete and total triumph of the Virus Patrol, which has already nearly snuffed out the vital essence of liberty, property rights, constitutional government and a genuine free market basis for economic life.



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