Peak Trump: The Swamp Creatures’ Cohen/Davis Offensive

You can’t find a bigger beltway scumbag and Clinton bagman than Lanny Davis. But Michael Cohen did find him—so now the overt campaign to eject the Donald from his Oval Office redoubt begins in earnest.

The fact that it is being quarterbacked by Lanny Davis tells you all you need to know. He represents the politburo of the Deep State and the very Clintonista establishment that attempted to deep six the Donald’s candidacy in the first place via pre-election leaks from their phony (and illegal) Russia-collusion investigation.

Worse still, when it comes to the pot calling the kettle black it doesn’t get more ludicrous than Lanny Davis coaching Cohen on how to sing compose about Trump’s hush payments to his bimbos. For crying out loud, Davis was Bill Clinton’s #1 defender and round-the-clock media surrogate during the Monica Lewinsky affair.



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