Not The Last Rodeo

We are starting to get concerned about the personal well-being of some of the ace pundits on the Foxite Right, including Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, too. They are getting so hyperbolic—rabid even—about the dangers of a Biden victory that we fear they may split a spleen or something during the remaining 48 hours—-which, of course, could readily turn into 48 fraught days of vote counts, re-counts and constitutional mayhem.

To be clear, we agree with this trio much of the time. That’s especially the case with Tucker Carlson most of the time because he has become an astute and powerful mainstream critic of the Deep State national security apparatus and the folly of neocon interventionism abroad.

What unites these three in election time hyperventilation, however, is their intensive focus on the great Left vs. Right Culture War now roiling America. To that end, they have convinced themselves that a Kamala Harris/Left-Progressive Regency would be so permanently destructive of American institutions and values that the 2020 election amounts to the Last Rodeo. Nothing matters any more except stopping Biden.



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