No One Elected Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci Or The Infectious Disease Cartel To Perform A Social Science Experiment On The American People

We didn’t know that Bill Gates has been elected to any public office.

But apparently the Wall Street Journal thinks otherwise, as indicated by today’s top of the fold headline, claiming “government officials” are making dire new warnings about the Covid:

U.S. Officials Warn of New Virus Surge as

States Reopen: U.S. death toll could reach

135,000 by early August

The very first line of the story, however, backpedals to “researchers and officials” and then cuts to the chase. This whole scary headline story and doubling of the Covid-mortality estimate comes not from elected officials at all, but from Bill Gate’s personal think tank and PR agency called the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington.



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