Joe Biden’s Great Big Economic Whoppers

Besides a withering brain, Joe Biden is also plagued with a furiously growing nose. We start with this ludicrous assertion from his recent Wall Street Journal op-ed on how he plans to fix the economy and vanquish inflation:

In January 2021, when I took office, the recovery had stalled and Covid was out of control. In less than a year and a half, my administration’s economic and vaccination plans helped achieve the most robust recovery in modern history. The job market is the strongest since the post-World War II era, with 8.3 million new jobs, the fastest decline in unemployment on record, and millions of Americans getting jobs with better pay.

No way!

Here is what has actually happened on the jobs front. When the Donald foolishly allowed the Virus Patrol to brutally lockdown the US economy in March and April 2020, the nonfarm payroll count plunged from 152.504 million in February to 130.513 million in April.



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