Jim Cramer’s Latest Evil Rant, Part 1

CNBC’s house clown, Jim Cramer, is actually the poster-grampa for the financial evil and corruption on Wall Street that has been fostered by the Fed’s regime of rotten money. The latter has generated a belligerent cult of the stock market, which holds that “stonks” must never stop rising and aggressively so, and that it is the job of Washington to “do whatever it takes” to insure the averages never falter.

Needless to say, Cramer is the most belligerent of the belligerent spokesmen for that proposition, at least reaching back to his famous “they know nothing” rant of August 2007. His venom back then castigated the Fed for attempting to allow interest rates to clear the speculation crazed mortgage markets of that era and the resulting (well warranted) demise of its worst offenders—-the Bear Stearns securitized mortgage funds and the notorious engine of speculation and corruption built by the original Orange Man, Angelo Mozillo, at Countrywide Financial.



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