Hey, Mr. Trump…Shutdown This Government!

The Great Disrupter is on a roll!

In a matter of days, he has thrice rebuked the Imperial City’s ruling elites where it hurts. Against the advice of virtually everyone on his national security team, he ordered a 100% withdrawal from Syria and a 50% withdrawal from Afghanistan; and to the great consternation of the GOP elders on Capital Hill, the Donald is shutting down big swatches (9 out of 15 departments) of the Federal behemoth that have not been funded for FY 2019 by already enacted appropriations bills.

To be sure, we wish he would have found a better cause for his display of fiscal gumption than his ridiculous Steel Slats rendition of the Wall. But what’s actually crucial here is the Donald’s process rebuke to the cowardly GOP leadership and its pathetic fear that if it doesn’t keep the government open at all hazards it will loose its Congressional majorities and power to rule the roost on Capitol Hill.



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