He’s SPAAAC! We’re Not.

You have to hand it to the Donald. He spent his presidency repudiating job #1 of any conservative politician in today’s circumstances who truly believes in capitalist free markets, limited government and maximum personal liberty: Namely, throttling the unelected financial overlords who run the nation’s rogue central bank. That’s 100 times more important than the so-called border crisis or even the evident lapse of law and order in many big cities.

Of course, the Donald did the opposite. He endlessly hectored the Fed with demands for even lower interest rates and more money-pumping. Worse still, he appointed the walking calamity, Jay Powell, to lead the Fed—along with a string of board members among the worst Keynesian activists appointed by a president of either party, including Richard Clarida, Randy Quarles, Miki Bowman and Chris Waller. That is to say, he installed the most RINO (Republican in name only) Board in the Eccles Building in modern times.



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