Here Come Cuomo’s Corona Cops—America’s Liberty And Sanity At Risk, Part 1

It truly goes from bad to worse. Apparently, America is getting a new army. That is, an army of Covid-19 “tracing” sleuths, according to Governor Cuomo and his Infectious Disease Lobby overseers.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that a new “tracing army” involving thousands of people will examine the paths of individuals infected with the coronavirus and determine whether their contacts would need to isolate themselves.

Now, since upwards of 80% of persons infected with coronavirus remain asymptomatic, won’t it be just ducky when one of Cuomo’s Covid Cops taps you on the shoulder for a corona test just because you passed-by someone who passed-by someone who passed-by someone else?

And then ordered you under house arrest because you tested positive like, well, apparently much of the state’s entire population.

We are not kidding!



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