Double Good Riddance: The Silver Lining In Yesterday’s Storming Of The Capitol, Part 2

Well, that actually helped a lot. We aren’t sure whether yesterday’s Capitol storming mob was infiltrated with ANTIFA, BLM or FBI false flaggers or not. But to the extent that it accelerated the civil war within the Republican Party, we can only say hallelujah.

You see, what is wrong with American governance at this fraught hour is not too much partisan rancor or too much unhinged, divisive political rhetoric. That’s the false line of the Washington establishment and their megaphones in the MSM, and it’s designed to dupe the unwashed masses into believing that American governance is just fine—save for the hateful outbursts of Trumpite yokels and Republican hardliners.

Actually, what is wrong is deeply fundamental and structural. Namely, there is no longer an Opposition Party dedicated to championing free market prosperity and a liberty-based private social order free from the intrusions and oppressions of a relentlessly aggrandizing state.



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