Chart Monkeys On Parade, Part 1

There is no rational reason to buy a geriatric bull market that has 3-5% upside and 40-50% downside. But we have finally reached the point where investor risk/reward metrics have absolutely nothing to do with the daily bumps and grinds of the stock averages.

That is to say, the chart monkeys now own the casino lock, stock and barrel. The alternating red and green flickers on the tickers discount nothing real because everything which is real points to crunch time ahead.

That starts right at the top. We don’t fondly refer to the Donald as the Great Disrupter for nothing. In recent days, however, the man has become more unhinged than ever before with his Trade Wars and NATO Trashing, and we are not talking just—or even mainly— about the substance.

We happen to agree with his NATO rebuke and espy a thundering economic storm gestating from his reckless tariff brandishing.

But what should be scarring the living bejeezus out of the Wall Street is that the most uninformed egomaniac ever to occupy the Oval Office has now found his stride. In fact, he has gone into full retard aggression against anything standing in the way of his whims of the moment—-the good, the bad and the indifferent among them.



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