Buckingham Palace Contretemps And The Real Job Of The Great Disrupter

There is nothing like a hot mic at a gathering of the world’s great poobahs to give you a glimpse of unscripted reality.

We are referring, of course, to yesterday’s NATO contretemps involving three of the wanna be Mighty Ones—Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau—who were overheard making exceedingly light of the Donald’s long-winded and often unhinged press conferences during the event.

The Canadian prime minister left no doubt that their bemused sideline chatter was at the Donald’s expense when in front of a prying camera he gestured wildly to imitate the surprised reaction of Trump’s handlers as the latter blabbered on in response to questions he was not actually asked at a photo op which he turned into an impromptu presser:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau chimed in, saying: “He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference……You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor,” Mr. Trudeau added, according to the video of the conversation,

Needless to say, this immediately triggered knowing tut-tutting among the MSM about how the D0nald was again besmirching his great office and undermining America’s prestige among the lesser peoples of the planet. As globalist talking head Ian Bremmer put it,

This happens at every NATO summit with Trump. Every G7. Every G20. The US President is mocked by US allies behind his back.

Well, we say, hurrah!



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