Be Very Afraid! Elizabeth Warren Just Got Stented Into The Dem Nomination

The real big news today was not the Wall Street ticker dropping 494 points. The ticker that changed everything was the one rescued by Bernie’s two-stent emergency heart procedure.

Sanders is 78 years-old and no miracle of science health-wise. During the 2016 campaign he released a letter from the Senate physician and his doctor of 26 years, Brian P. Monahan, indicating that the Bern was “in overall good health”, albeit that he suffered from a history of elevated cholesterol and a few others:

“Over the years you have been treated for medical conditions including gout, mild hypercholesterolemia, diverticulitis, hypothyroidism, laryngitis secondary to esophageal reflux, lumbar strain and complete removal of superficial skin tumors,” Monahan wrote. “Your past surgical history consists of repair of your left and right side inguinal hernias by laparoscopic technique, and a right true vocal cord cyst excision.”

Then again, the Senator apparently he does not wolf down cheese burgers and Cokes as if they are going out of style like the current Oval Office re-aspirant, and the actual procedure performed today was pretty routine.

Except, except.



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