America In Fantasyland

It doesn’t get any stupider than this. The Gauleiter of Covid and his NYC Capo have now promulgated Phase Four of their euthanasia plan for New York City, which became effective today.

So if you want to strangle an economy based heavily on social congregation, this should do the job and then some:

Residents can expect the return of low-risk outdoor arts and entertainment, such as zoos and botanical gardens, at reduced capacity. Professional sports will resume, albeit with one major caveat: no fans. Indoor restaurant dining, gyms, cinemas and theaters will remain shut for the foreseeable future. Museums and shopping malls, which were originally part of Phase Four, won’t reopen until future notice, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Friday.

Then again, the NYC daily death count has plunged to almost zero, and the test, test, test machine is producing a “positivity” rate of, well, about 1%. But, hey, you apparently can’t be too cautious when comes to stopping the dreaded Covid-19.



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