A Malign Old Windbag Named Fauci, Part 3

In Part 2 we indicated that the 128 million strong citizens of the Working Age Nation (age 25-54 years) are the real victim of Dr. Facui’s evil regime. That’s because their tiny risk of death WITH-Covid doesn’t begin to justify the decimation of livelihoods, business enterprises and social lives that has resulted from Fauci’s so-called NPIs (nonpharmaceutical interventions).

Indeed, the facts as of late December are so compelling as to fairly scream out that Dr. Fauci and the Virus Patrol have not been in the business of preventing deaths among the Working Age Nation so much as they have deigned to take it hostage in pursuit of their absolutist goal of stopping the spread—the economy, personal liberty, property rights and rationality itself be damned.

After all, even under the CDC’s expansive definitions, the “WITH-Covid” deaths in this age cohort through December 27 were just 6.7% of mortalities from all causes; were barely one-third of the normal death rate from accidents such as car crashes, poisonings, falls etc; and only slightly higher than the rate recorded for cases this year of pneumonia and influenza where “Covid” was not listed as even a contributing factor on the certificate.

Stated differently, at the normal rates there will be about 62,000 deaths among the Working-Age Nation due to accidents and 24,000 due to suicides compared to 21,463 WITH-Covid deaths reported by the CDC as of December 23rd.

Mortality Rate per 100,000 for Working Age Nation:

  • All causes mortality: 243.1;
  • Deaths due to accidents: 48.0;
  • Deaths WITH-Covid: 16.8;
  • Deaths from pneumonia/influenza w/o Covid: 9.0.

So the question recurs: Since the sweeping lockdowns and disruptions of places of work and business cannot remotely pass a cost/benefit test when it comes to reducing the risk of death among the core working age population, where did Fauci et. al. get the authority to ride roughshod on the Constitution and essentially draft 128 million citizens into the cause of stopping the spread—that is, arresting their normal social mobility so that someone else wouldn’t get infected?



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