A Boondoggle By Any Other Name

Sleepy Joe is busy taking his bows for the infrastructure bill, so we hate to break the news: America’s economy is faltering not from too little infrastructure spending, but from too much debt—-$85 trillion of total public and private debt, to be exact.

Indeed, the idea that infrastructure has been shortchanged is just one of those perennial canards promoted by the Washington lobbies and pork-barreling Congressman alike. Back in the day, even Ronald Reagan fell for that one when the DOT Secretary filled the Cabinet Room with scores of pictures of broken-down bridges from across the nation.

Of course, they are still showing the same pictures, and still not addressing the real issue: Namely, that of the 614,387 bridges in the US upwards of 98% of them are on local streets and roads and are the business of local users and taxpayers, not Uncle Sam in distant Washington.



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