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Ah, The Crony Capitalist Nincompoops Who Run These Banks Are Too Stupid To Get Out Of Their Own Way, Anyway!

…….ongoing efforts to ensure that  the impending sanctions bomb  wouldn’t disrupt the global financial system.
This included National Security Council officials this week holding discussions with executives from major banks including Citigroup Inc., Bank of America Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. – according to the Bloomberg report.

Q. E. D.

Sleepy Joe’s Wimpy Tail Wags The Dog Of War, Part 1

This is getting downright pathetic. If you want the smoking gun proof that ol’ Vlad Putin actually didn’t brandish over these past few weeks of Washington bellicosity about the sanctity of Ukraine’s borders, well, here it tis: Sleepy Joe’s plummeting approval ratings:

S&P 2500: Jeremy Grantham Says Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

It was several years ago when Jeremy Grantham quietly turned from stock bull to vocal permabear, and while his market notes turned breathlessly alarmist (if only to those who were long his multi-billion fund GMO), such as this from June 2020 “Stock-market legend who called 3 financial bubbles says this one is the ‘Real McCoy,’ …

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Enough! Ukraine Is None Of Washington’s Damn Business!

What in the living hell is wrong with these people in the Washington national security establishment? They resemble toddlers grasping desperately to their foreign policy “pinky blanket”, thereby taking the Ukraine flare-up to the absolute brink of war for no earthly reason whatsoever.