David Stockman

Will Europe Freeze For Zelensky? Hell No!

It is very simple: if you’d ask most citizens of whichever EU country if they are willing to risk being unable to feed and heat their children in order to support Ukraine and Zelensky, they would say NO. Hell no!       https://www.theautomaticearth.com/2022/08/a-winter-of-anger/  

The “Great Zero Carbon” Hoax

With a virtual monopoly on mainstream media as well as social media, the Global Warming lobby has been able to lead much of the world into assuming that the best for mankind is to eliminate hydrocarbons including petroleum, natural gas, coal and even the “carbon free” nuclear electricity by 2050, that we hopefully might avoid …

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E-Commerce’s Red-Hot Cash-Burn Problem

The online furniture seller Wayfair, W 3.83%▲ as well as the online used-car sellers Carvana CVNA 2.70%▲ and Vroom, VRM 0.60%▲ are among cash-burning internet retailers that will—within a few years—need to raise external financing or repay maturing debt to avoid a cash crunch, according to a report from Stifel that aims to track cash …

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Facebook Is Swarming With Ex-CIA Spooks

In previous investigations, this author has detailed how TikTok is flooded with NATO officials, how former FBI agents abound at Twitter, and how Reddit is led by a former war planner for the NATO think tank, the Atlantic Council. But the sheer scale of infiltration of Facebook blows these away. Facebook, in short, is utterly swarming with spooks.   https://scheerpost.com/2022/07/18/meet-the-ex-cia-agents-deciding-facebooks-content-policy/

Why Global Warming Is Good for Us

Global warming is real. It is also – so far – mostly beneficial. This startling fact is kept from the public by a determined effort on the part of alarmists and their media allies who are determined to use the language of crisis and emergency. The goal of Net Zero emissions in the UK by …

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Green Dogma Behind The Fall Of Sri Lanka

But the underlying reason for the fall of Sri Lanka is that its leaders fell under the spell of Western green elites peddling organic agriculture and “ESG,” which refers to investments made following supposedly higher Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria. Sri Lanka has a near-perfect ESG score (98) which is higher than Sweden (96) or …

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